Volleyball Cape Breton offer three player streams:
Development, Competitive and Performance.

The development stream starts at age 7 and goes to age 18.
From ages 7 - 13, athletes learn, and perfect, the basic skills of the game with an emphasis on fun, overall athletic development as well as preparation for the Competitive stream. From ages 14-18, the development stream will serve as the entry point for any new players to the game, and will also continue to prepare athletes for the Competitive stream. 


The Competitive stream is for ages 13 -17 and is designed to get athletes ready for the High Performance stream as well as preparing them to play High School level. The 18U age class is for those athletes who love the game and enjoy competing, but are not interested in playing volleyball at the college or university level. Athletes will learn the tactical and technical skills needed at the next level and teams will compete in the Volleyball Nova Scotia age class tournaments and Provincial Championships.


The Performance stream is for athletes ages 14 - 18 and is designed to prepare athletes to play at the post-secondary ACCA, USport/AUS university level. Athletes will spend time perfecting their technical skills and learning advanced tactical skills as well as competing in Volleyball Nova Scotia age class tournaments and Provincial Championships, various out-of-province competitions and the Volleyball Canada National Championships.